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How to Find the Right Tax Accountant


Being a CPA for many years, I get this question a lot. How do I find the right CPA to do my taxes? Which one can get me the best return? There is a wonderful article I came across that explains this beautifully.

“You should take some time to focus on exactly what you need your tax accountant to do. Here are some common situations:

Preparing your own taxes is time-consuming, stressful, or confusing.
You want to make sure your tax returns are accurate.
Your tax situation is pretty complex, and you need specialized advice and tips.
You would like to pay as little taxes as possible, and need detailed planning and advice.
You are facing a tax problem, such as filing back taxes, paying off a tax debt, or fighting an IRS audit.
You run a business, invest in the stock market, own rental property, or live outside the United States.

You should seek out an experienced tax accountant who has experience dealing with tax situations similar to your own. For example, if you are being audited, don?t hire a tax professional who has never handled an audit before. Here are tips for finding the right professional who has the specialized tax expertise you need. Remember: you, not the accountant, are ultimately responsible for the information on your tax return”

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